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Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.

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Data Access & Reporting Service (DARS)

Our Data Access and Reporting Service (DARS) is a cloud-based platform designed for the retrieval and storage of B2B data of any type, and allowing for client-access to and reporting on the data.  We download your B2B data in any format from your trading partners, parse and store that data into relational tables, and make select data available to you via emailed or ftp-ed reports using our reporting-services cloud application.

Our DARS service is a turn-key solution for handling incoming B2B data from your various trading partners.  It offers the following features:

This software service comprises a cloud-based version of our Data Flow Manager (DFM) application that performs the managed transfer of data, along with two Reporting Services applications that allow for client access to the data and automated distribution of reports.

We provide the expertise, technical infrastructure, and program/process support to deliver a robust B2B data management solution. DARS enables your business to interact more effectively with trading partners and thereby helps you to better achieve your business objectives.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.