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In today's world of regional energy markets, even small electricity marketing companies may find that they have sales reps and affiliated brokers scattered across the sales area.  With increased de-centralization comes the need for increased communication capabilities.  To combat this problem, a marketer must have an automated system to manage its sales outreach.

Our SalesScape Software Suite is a cost-effective, sales-automation and customer-retention system that provides an end-to-end solution for the sale of retail electricity from deal capture to pricing to contract approval and beyond.  The suite is comprised of a set of tightly integrated modules which are based on flexible workflows that allow managers to model and reinforce business best practices to increase the productivity of their sales teams and to improve customer satisfaction.

SalesScape is loaded with related functionality in the following areas:

With SalesScape, sales managers are provided with information to make decisions concerning the effectiveness of individuals, team initiatives and sales goals.  Another benefit is access to accurate load forecasting data which translates into increased overall efficiency for the marketer.

The integral components of the SalesScape Software Suite are:

The DealFlow application is the central workhorse of the suite.  It allows the user to capture the details of a deal, associate its service locations, perform any integrated customer credit checks, request that the deal be priced, request that the sales proposal and contract be generated and emailed, and process the returned contract for approval.   DealFlow can optionally request historical usage data from the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) by submission of an LOA or similar request.  DealFlow also handles the capture of sales-broker information and their compensation plans including the associated commission percentages.

The Pricing Engine is a rules-based processor that uses supplied commodity (e.g Natural Gas) prices to estimate future electricity prices according to the specific methods supplied by your pricing analysts.  The calculation algortithms used in this module are therefore custom-coded based on your pricing methodology in use.

The Historical Usage Mail Retriever (HUMR) component processes emails returned from the TDU which have file attachments containing historical usage data.  HUMR parses these files to extract and store the usage data organized by service location.  HUMR is also used to parse usage data when similarly-sourced historical usage files are uploaded directly by the SalesScape user.

Our Data Flow Manager (DFM) application is employed within SalesScape to receive data from external entities for use by the other components in the suite.  Examples of sources of this type of externally-sourced data are the individual TDUs or the Independent System Operator which coordinates the regional electricity market.

Our Sales Commission Manager (SCM) application provides the sales commission management function in SalesScape - allowing for the recording of commission structures, along with the calculation and vesting of sales commission amounts.

The Cogent Contract Manager (CCM) is the component that handles contracts newly created in DealFlow by optionally enrolling these new contracts into the Billing system via electronic enrollment.  CCM's main responsibility is ensuring compliance between the Billing account and the contract's stated terms over the life of the contract.  CCM can also track upcoming renewals and handle transfers and contract amendments.

BizFlow is the integrated workflow framework which orchestrates the orderly execution of individual tasks throughout the collection of SalesScape components.  BizFlow provides for the definition of workflow tasks and synchronized processing of those tasks under program control.

DocFlow is our document generation service that is used to produce electronic documents such as sales proposals, service contracts, broker agreements in popular file formats.  Documents are initially represented by user-defined templates and specific document data is supplied to DocFlow in pre-defined XML formats.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.