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Top 6 Benefits of SalesScape

Enhanced Usability...

The intuitive user interface is universally familiar to anyone savvy enough to use a web-browser, allowing users to focus on utilizing SaleScape's tools to maximize their sales productivity.  System users no longer need costly training to understand how the system works.  There is no installation of third-party software toools required on the user's machine.

Increased Efficiency...

Sales cycles in general, particularly contract approval cycles, are reduced dramatically with the SalesScape solution.  This also allows energy marketers to renew contracts faster while simultaneously reducing costs associated with such administrative tasks.  Various contractual elements such as pricing, conditions and terms can be easily adjusted and communicated to the customer and/or broker using our software suite.

Increased Productivity...

The use of SalesScape automation technology increases overall response time and enforces more rigorous sales practices and procedures within the sales tam.  The productivity of the sales team can be tracked by combining a number of performance measures such as: revenue per deal, number of deals handled per day, time spent per deal, cost per deal, ratio of signed contracts to deals processed, number of new customers per period, and the number of lost customers per period.

Increased Revenue...

When your sales team uses SalesScape as a tool to increase their effectiveness and productivity, they ultimately sell more.  SalesScape arms a sales team with the tools to not only acquire new customers more quickly but also to maximize the dollar value of existing customers through better customer management.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction...

SalesScape allows sales personnel to properly manage their existing and prospective customers with the overall goal of extracting the maximum amount of revenue from each customer.  Maximization of customer value can only be accomplished if customers are satisfied.  Our system uses technology to quickly and properly handle customer and broker needs.

The inputs to SalesScape can be used to quickly develop a new product that matches or exceeds customer expectations.  This can further lead to achieving a competitive advantage since customer satisfaction can lead to increased customer loyalty, reduced customer acquisition costs and increased profit margins.

Increased Broker Loyalty...

Cogent's next-generation sales automation software gives energy brokers a complete end-to-end solution for the lead-to-sale-to-service-installation process.  It provides brokers the ability to search, quote, apply, and bind energy sales directly from their desktop.  And because it helps to drive broker adoption of a marketer's products, it can also be used to give retail customers some visibility into the sales process.

SalesScape allows these affiliated brokers to login directly and enter the details of their deals for submission to the marketer for price quoting.  The broker can then follow the progress of each of their deals through the pricing/approval process as well as track their pending commission payments once a resulting contract goes into effect.  As a result, SalesScape can play a large part in managing your relationship with the entire broker community.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.